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"Here's Instant Access To 7823 Products With Private Label Rights (PLR) Or Master Resell Rights For JUST $1!"
Yep, you heard that right.

One. Big. Cash. Dollar.

I’ll tell you why in a minute.  But First...
I’m Ryan Even, Founder Of Monthly Content.

Monthly Content is the top site online for Private Label Rights (PLR) products and Master Resell Rights Products in both the internet marketing niche, and everything other niche you can think of.

I launched Monthly Content wayyyyyyyyyyy back in 2008 and still today (around a decade later) new products are added multiple times per week.

Monthly Content is the secret source of many of those marketers who always seem to have new products to sell and now we’ll be your source too giving you...
A Nearly UNLIMITED Supply Of Products That You Can Not Only Use Yourself But Sell And Keep All The Money!
And most of these products come with either Private Labels Rights (PLR) allowing you to slap your name on the product as author, change the product name, add to it, edit it & make it your own

Or Master Resell Rights which not only allow you to sell the product, but your customers who buy from you can also turn around and sell it themselves.

By the way...

Most products already include a sales letter and graphics so you can start selling them ASAP!
  •  IMAGINE: Access  to products on every subject imaginable to sell as your own and keep all the money.
  •  IMAGINE: Fresh new products added for you every single week.
  •  IMAGINE: Being able to request products you find and have them purchased for you so you don’t have to buy them yourself.
  •  IMAGINE: How much money you can save with ME buying for you the products, WSOs and content you may have otherwise bought yourself!
By the way… 

It’s simple to put in a “BUY REQUEST” for us to buy a product for you, just use the request link in the member's area and if the product you suggest is quality and can be legally added.

Guess what?

Chances are we'll buy it and add it to the member's area for you!
I’m Giving You An Instant Product Line In The Internet Marketing Niche Or Just About Any Other Niche You Can Imagine.
And today you’re getting access to the entire member’s archive of products going back all the way to 2008!

You can be sure to find something you can use in your business even if you’re in a rather obscure niche. 

We have 7823 products at the time I posted this page, but that number goes up every week (usually every day or two) as we continue to add new products.
Wait. Why just $1?


This is how I get members.

Instead of trying to "convince" you to join, I prefer to just help you in advance for one dollar.

I'll let the value of receiving:
  • Instant Access to 1000's of products for you to sell and keep all the money.
  •  Access to new products multiple times per week.
  •  Plus the ability to request products you find and have me buy them for you.
And all the other member benefits do the "selling" for me.

Not to mention to various bonuses you'll also get which we'll talk about in second.

After you check out Monthly Content for yourself, one of these two things will happen.

The first possibly

You might get into the member's area, download a bunch of products (as many as you want) and be incredibly thankful and appreciative that you were able to access all that for one dollar. 

But. You decide you don't want to remain a member after your 14-day trial.

If that’s the case, I’ll wish you the best of luck and I’ll be happy to have helped you and to have provided you with so much for just $1. 

You can cancel your trial anytime by clicking the support link in the member’s area or cancel yourself in PayPal. 

Even after you cancel, you can keep, and continue to sell everything you downloaded during your trial. 
So Let Me Ask You A Question...
If all this did for you was allow you to take the trial and find just one product in the member’s area (out of thousands) that you could sell in your business ...and then you cancel your trial...

Would that be worth one dollar?

Of course it would.

Now imagine you found two products you could sell.

Or ten.

Heck, if you wanted to, you could download EVERYTHING in the member's area, cancel during your trial and keep everything.

And just to make sure you’re absolutely satisfied…

I’ve literally never had anyone ask for this, but if you’d like, i’ll even give back your $1 you paid for your trial if you’re unhappy.

And... you can still keep, use and sell everything you downloaded during your trial even if you ask for your dollar back..

The second possibility: 

You’re thrilled with Monthly Content and decide to keep your membership active.

In that case you get not only instant access to the 1000’s of products currently in the member’s area, but also ongoing access to the fresh, new updates multiple times per week.

And most of those products added every week will come with PLR (Private Label Rights) or resell rights.

Now we’re even to the point where if we find a good product but can’t secure a license to pass on rights to you...

We still have your back!

We’ll still buy it for you and add it to the member’s area with a personal use only license so you can at least benefit from it yourself (and save money by not having to pay for it out of your own pocket).

You'll also get the ongoing ability to request that we buy products for you and add them to the member’s area for everyone to benefit from so you can save money on products you would have bought anyway.
And of course this is all dependent upon if you decide to remain a member, there’s no pressure to do so, you can cancel anytime, including during the $1 14-day trial with no questions asked, no hard feelings.

And even after canceling you can keep everything and keep selling everything you downloaded and keep all the money. 

I’ll be happy to have at least helped you get some products to sell in your business even if you decide not to remain a member. 

But if you decide you want to remain a member after your $1, 14-day trial the cost is just $29.95 per month. 

Which, by the way, is less than the normal $47 per month price that we charge on the main page and not through this special page.

You can click the button below to get started now.
And You Also Get Bonuses...

For everyone that orders from this page today, you'll get ongoing access (for as long as you're a member) to a suite of Premium Software you can use in your business that replaces other paid software you may already be using.

Stuff Like:

- Video Sales Letter (VSL) script creator.
- Survey software.

- Professional SEO and SEO tracking software.

- Project management software.

- A full-featured Helpdesk

- Retargeting software.

- Countdown timer software to create timers and scarcity bars on any site (even if you don't own it).

- Video marketing software.

You even get a an interactive video player with live optin forms & call to actions. Your videos play on websites, Facebook and mobile.
Plus, a ton more features so you don’t have to pay companies like Wistia to host your videos

Plus we’re adding more software on a regular basis.

Some of these softwares sell for as much as $97 per month just for use of ONE of the pieces of software!


You also get a full featured hosting account with full cPanel access, multiple domains, and all the other bells and whistles so you can stop paying for a hosting account yourself!

You even get 2 free domains (that you don't ever have to pay to renew).


Plus you get access to a professional graphics suite where you can design graphics (with or without photoshop)

You don't have to spend money hiring designers!

Let Me Add An Additional Bonus For Ordering Today
Obviously, there are tons of products in the internet marketing niche already in the member’s area for you with more being added all the time. 

You can both use and learn from yourself, and in most cases SELL in your business.

But I'm also going to give you...

You'll also get a brand new multi-video series on a different internet marketing topic every month (including new and trending topics). 

I’ll give you PLR (Private Label Rights) so you can have a new premium internet marketing video product each month to sell and keep all the money in addition to everything else you get as a monthly content member. 

This video series alone (not including all the other bonuses) is worth way more than the $29.95 per month discounted membership rate you’ll pay if you decide to remain a member, but you’ll get it free as well!

So bottom line... 

Monthly Content saves you time, saves you money & hopefully makes you a lot of money & you can get started right now for only $1.
BUT There's A "Catch"...
We can’t take everyone.

We try to keep things a bit exclusive around here.

In fact, on the main page right now we’re closed to new members.

Even when we’re open there is NO $1 trial and membership is $47 per month and not YOUR $29.95 per month discounted renewal rate. 

So if you want to get in for $1.

If you want to get the special bonuses included.

If you want to get the discounted renewal rate if you decide to remain a member after your 14 day trial.

Then get started now below...
Included with your trial:
1000’s Of Products With PLR And Master Resell Rights
You'll receive INSTANT ACCESS to 1000's of products in both the Internet Marketing Niche and just about any other niche you could images. You can SELL the products and KEEP ALL THE MONEY!

Brand New PLR And Master Resell Products Added Weekly
You’ll always have FRESH new products to sell with product updates added multiple times per week.

 Ability To REQUEST Specific Products And We'll BUY THEM FOR YOU
Find a product yourself and that you're interested in? Just fill out the product request form in the member's area. We'll go out and BUY IT FOR YOU so you can save your money for something else!

 Access To The Premium Software Suite
Access to all the premium software products described above (and more) so you can stop paying for other premium softwares that do the same thing (they're included FREE with your membership).

 FREE Hosting Account with cPanel and 2 FREE Domains
FREE hosting account with full cPanel access, multiple domains, and more so you can stop paying for a hosting account! You even get 2 free domains (that you don't ever have to pay to renew).

Additional Monthly Premium PLR Internet Marketing Video Series
Brand new multi-video series on a different internet marketing topic every month (including new and trending topics). You get PLR so you'll have a new premium product every month.
Try It For JUST $1
So let’s recap.

Today, for just $1 you’re getting instant access to literally 1000’s of products with PLR (Private Label Rights) and Master Resell Rights (in both the internet marketing niche and any other niche you could imagine) that you can sell yourself and keep all the money

Plus BRAND NEW PLR and Master Resell Rights Products added multiple times per week so you’ll always have fresh new products to sell. 

If you were to go out yourself and buy all the new products we give you each month it would literally cost you 1000’s of dollars per month but we’re buying them for you and and just giving them to you as a member. 

You also have the ability to request specific products that you find and have us buy them FOR YOU and add them to the member’s area for everyone to benefit from. 

You also get all the premium softwares included for free so you don’t have to pay monthly fees for them. 

You get the full featured, multiple domain free hosting account with full cPanel access so you can avoid having to pay for hosting somewhere else. Plus, you even get 2 free domains!

You get the additional premium PLR internet marketing video series every month, you get the graphics suite and on this page, you get it all right now for just $1.
I look forward to seeing you inside,
PS: Think about it this way.

The real question is...

Is it worth gambling a few minutes of your time & one dollar to check this out for yourself when, if all this did was give you access to even a single product you can use and sell in your business you’d be way ahead?

And it’s going to do a whole lot more than just that for you. Scroll up and get started right now.

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